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How to Store Industrial Wire and Protect It from Corrosion, Rust and Moisture

Protecting industrial wire from corrosion, rust and moisture increases its useful life and allows products made with this material to last longer, while retaining their essential qualities.

In this article we will explain how to protect and store different steel wire products for industrial use, such as Bright Basic Wire, HDMB Wire or Plating Quality Wire. Read on and find out how to do it.

Why does steel rust?

Steel wire is used in a wide number of industries: from the manufacturing of hundreds of industrial, domestic or electronic products, to automobiles, or as part of the agro- or recycling industry. The proper storage of steel is important to maintain quality. 

Steel wire, which is made of carbon, reacts with oxygen, creating iron oxides that increase in size over time; if these prevail, they can cause cracks in steel, weakening it or causing it to lose its essential qualities.

Tips for proper storage of steel wire for industrial applications

To protect steel wire, it is essential to keep it away or isolated from moisture. Here are some storage tips:

  • It is ideal to store steel wire in a dry place isolated from its surrounding environment.
  • Steel wire should be prevented from touching the ground; to isolate it, wooden or plastic platforms can be used.
  • Steel wire should preferably be protected with thick plastic.
  • In the event that steel wire has to be kept outside, it must always be protected from harsh weather conditions.
  • It is ideal to keep industrial wire indoors.
  • If not required, avoid any contact with liquids or chemicals (common cleaners included).
  • To avoid malformations, steel wire must be stored on solid, smooth ground with room between coils or bundles.
  • Avoid exposure to wet  environments (near the beach, for example).

Galvanized Wire: anti-corrosion protection

Another way to protect steel wire from corrosion, oxidation, or moisture is to galvanize steel wire; galvanized steel wire has a layer of zinc that protects and insulates the wire from moisture.

This additional protection increases the durability of the steel wire and can  be used in the manufacturing of various products, such as steel mesh, barbed wire, staples, nails, bucket handles, welded mesh, screens,  bale ties, guide cones,  fences, cages, and much more.

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