About us

At WMC, our mission is to Reinforce the World to BUILD DREAMS. We are committed to building infrastructures which last a lifetime by manufacturing the highest quality of Steel Wire Products.

Founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 2003, WMC is now headquartered in The Woodlands, TX. Our company has grown and added facilities in Illinois, California, Texas, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. These eight mills are strategically located across the United States to serve you.

WMC believes in safety as our #1 priority, producing a domestically manufactured quality product, delivering in a timely fashion and maintaining competitive pricing.

All mesh conforms to ASTM A-1064.

Adding Value to our Customers and Collaborators

WMC is a family-owned company that values the safety and well-being of all team members as our number one priority.

Our current company portfolio includes eight facilities that have some of the best, most technologically advanced, manufacturing equipment in the industry. WMC strategically positioned these facilities with a national footprint to ensure our ability to service our customer base across the entire United States, in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

In addition to our top-of-the-line equipment and well-placed facilities, WMC takes pride in the customer-oriented nature of our company. We all work together to bring the best products and most value enhancing solutions for our customers.

“Together we are Stronger”

We are a Business Group with the global vision of leading and innovating in the steel industry. With more than 30 years of experience in the market, we specialize in manufacturing materials that reinforce the ideas of the world.

Our current portfolio has 7 companies in the United States, Mexico, and Colombia; they have some of the best technologically advanced manufacturing equipment in the industry. Turia Group strategically located these companies with a national footprint to guarantee our ability to serve our customer base in these three countries in the fastest and most efficient way possible.


We are committed to building infrastructures that last a lifetime, while manufacturing the highest quality steel wire products. Our headquarters are located in The Woodlands, TX and we have currently expanded and added facilities in California, South Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas. These 8 facilities are strategically located in the national territory to offer the best service.


Being the best at what we do is not enough, that's why we always strive to achieve new goals and continue to deliver our best smile to our customers. Our sales and technical support team have the experience to create solutions that help our customers succeed. This, combined with multiple logistics options, produces a powerful value proposition for the customers and markets we serve.

Aceros Turia

We are a Mexican Company that has maintained a constant growth rate since 1980. We not only have supported the construction industry but have helped Mexican families to build their dreams. We are a company that values ​​the safety and well-being of all our team members as our number one priority.


We transform steel into welded wire applications for the industry. Our experience has allowed us to achieve strict quality control in all our products to meet the standards and requirements of our customers. Today, the industry requires custom fabricated steel for the reinforcement of structural elements.


Aceros Turia opened its doors in Colombia with the manufacture of welded wire mesh and annealed wire in 2012. Now, our commitment is to contribute to the development of the region and the country, relying on our suppliers and collaborators. Likewise, we are expanding our product portfolio to meet the needs of our customers by offering comprehensive solutions to the construction industry.

Turia Group prides itself on its customer-oriented nature by working together to offer solutions that generate value.

We are dedicated to contributing to the development of the world through the transformation of steel.

“Together we are stronger”
Turia Group