steel wire in automotive

Steel Wire: a key element in the automotive industry

Steel Wire: a key element in the automotive industry

Steel is a versatile material that, due to its diverse qualities and derived products, like our Steel Wire, has greatly benefited the automotive industry. Within this industry, steel is used to manufacture auto parts, providing an incredible means to enhance the safety, innovation, and durability of the car.

According to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), a car can contain up to 900 kilograms or about 1984.16 pounds of steel. 

Steel is used for the following car parts:

  • The body
  • The drivetrain
  • The suspension system
  • Wheels
  • Parts of the fuel tank
  • Steering and braking systems
  • Seat belt system
  • Safety bag system
  • Fuel hose protection
  • Windshield wiper system

Steel Wire specifically is used in certain car parts like: 

  • Suspension springs
  • Hooks on seat belts
  • Elements in seats, panels, trunk, or hood

And, when used in the automotive industry, offers advantages such as:

  • Being an incredibly durable material
  • Resisting high temperatures
  • Being versatile and thus great for innovation
  • Providing safety through its amazing strength
  • Being corrosion resistant 
  • Providing tension where it’s needed

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