steel wire

What are the types of Steel Wire used in manufacturing and industry?

Steel wire is a versatile material with numerous applications and shapes, making it ideal for various industries, especially those in manufacturing that rely on its fundamental qualities.

What are the benefits of steel wire for manufacturing?

● Depending on the amount of carbon in the steel, it can be more ductile, flexible, or even more rigid. This allows the material to be adapted to various products, processes and industrial needs.

● It has a variety of presentations with different thicknesses and formats that adapt to different uses.

● Provides resistance, strength and versatility.

● It has different finishes depending on the type of wire.

When steel is  galvanized, it has an additional protection that isolates it from humidity, corrosion, and rust. Learn more about our Galvanized Wire here.

● At WMC we offer multiple products made with steel wire and all are produced under the highest quality and safety standards.

What are the main types of Steel Wire?

Bright Basic Wire: made from low carbon steel with a bright polished finish produced through a cold-drawing process, which increases its tensile strength. It is one of the most versatile wires with hundreds of applications in the automotive industry and even in the manufacturing of everyday products such as baskets, supermarket carts, displays or, animal cages.

Plating Quality Wire: made with low carbon steel, adaptable to welding processes that can be used in the manufacturing of auto parts. Other applications produce products such as cable trays, chrome wire forms, household items like paint rollers and shelves.

Bright Basic Deformed Wire: carbon steel wire with negative deformations to improve adhesion to concrete. This wire is used in the construction industry due to its qualities.

HDMB Wire:  manufactured with medium or high carbon wire giving it special qualities in the manufacturing of mechanical springs. In addition to auto parts, this wire can be utilized to manufacture mattresses, wire springs or screens.

Black Annealed Wire: a high ductility steel wire, manufactured from cold drawn low carbon, which is produced through an annealing heat treatment based on a controlled nitrogen atmosphere, ensuring a completely fouling-free surface. 

Spooled Box Wire: ideal for industries such as recycling, agriculture, and others where packing strength is required. This is a heat-treated and lubricated spooled bale wire, contained in special boxes for horizontal balers.

● Other forms of industrial steel wire: in addition to coils, the wire can also be presented as Straight & Cut Wire, as well as Wire Forms, which can be used in the manufacturing of tools, machinery parts and  the assembly of supermarket carts and others.

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