uses of steel wire in construction

How can Steel Wire be used in construction?

Steel Wire is one of the most widely used and versatile materials in the world, especially in the construction field where it can be found in different applications or products, with different uses, strengths and advantages.

The main advantage of construction materials made from steel wire is versatility, but also the strength and resistance that steel provides, which are vital to guarantee safety and to be able to build dreams that last for a lifetime.

Reasons to use steel wire in construction

Some of the competitive advantages of steel wire in construction are:

  • It is a resistant, sturdy material that allows concrete structures to last longer.
  • Allows for several uses in  different products and applications .
  • It is a profitable material that  optimizes costs in construction processes.
  • It is a material that provides security for people, buildings and the assets of people and institutions.
  • Steel is a 100% recyclable material: leftover material is collected to be transformed into new products, without losing strength or qualities.

Steel Wire materials for construction:

Building/Standard Wire Mesh: a wire mesh welded to create a grid in the form of squares, which can be used in slabs or walls, helping concrete to stay in place and prevents cracks . Its main use is for light construction or in residential houses.

Engineered/Structural Mesh: a wire mesh that is thicker than standard mesh and has qualities that make it stronger. It can be used in most types of precast concrete products. It can be used in warehouse projects,  tunnels, bridge beams, or as soil reinforcement.

PC Strand: a type of uncoated 7-strand composite wire produced from high carbon steel wires, cold drawn, twisted and then stress relieved. Its main function is to increase the lifetime of concrete and it can be used in bridges, concrete poles, cable-stayed bridges, houses and parking lots.

Pencil Rod: is a type of rod that replaces #2 rebar, traditionally used in battered walls and foundations. 

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