What is PC Strand and its uses

PC Strand, also known as prestressed concrete steel strand, is a type of steel wire made      of several high-strength wires twisted to form a cable stress-relieved for use in prestressed concrete. 

How is PC Strand made? 

At WMC we manufacture PC Strand composed of an uncoated 7-wire strand produced from high carbon steel wires, cold drawn, twisted, and then stress-relieved.

PC Strand wire is then placed under tension and cast in concrete in a prestressed application. In a post-tensioning application, the strand is extruded: coated with a lubricant and covered with a plastic sheathing so that it can be tensioned after being cast in concrete.

What are PC Strand ranges?

  • 3/8” 270K
  • 7/16” 270K
  • 1/2” 270K
  • 1/2” Special 270K
  • .600” 270K

Advantages of PC Strand in construction of concrete structures

PC Strand provides a number of advantages to the construction of buildings and infrastructure:

  • Increases the lifetime of your concrete structure.
  • Our strands are composed of a 270-grade low relaxation 7-wire strand for post-tensioned and prestressed concrete applications.
  • Suitable for highway work.
  • Also suitable for applications in the utility industry such as concrete poles.
  • Serves post tension applications: cable-stayed bridges, houses, and parking lots.
  • Serves applications in the mining sector: rock and ground anchors to retain mining mesh, and falling objects.

Advantages of PC Strand produced and provided by WMC

Our PC Strand provides a number of particular advantages to your projects:

  • Our PC Strand meets all DOT requirements, and complies with the ASTM A416 standard and the Buy America Act
  • Our facility enables shipping to all 48 contiguous states, and strand orders typically ship within 48 hours after receipt of order.

WMC is an experienced PC Strand manufacturer in the USA.

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